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Sick. Although I seem to have kept the worst of it from setting in.

(Codeine does fasciating things to my half-conscious mind.)

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Sorry you're sick! Me, too, it appears.

Sinus infection type thing :-P

I think mine is something like that, only there's some sort of problem with my chest/lungs, as well as my head.

It cleared fairly quickly, thank goodness.

Aw, I'm sorry. I'm trying my hardest to avoid getting sick, but it's hard since everyone in my house has a cold D:

I've managed to avoid the worst of it, even from my undergrads. And whatever I had on the weekend is now gone!

I'm probably on the edge of being sick too (which probably means I still try to pretend I am not).

Oh codeine- heh, I think the effects of codeine can be compared to riding on a skateboard in space- oh maaannn.

I've narrowly avoided full-blown sickness, myself, a few times already this last month. Yay cold weather *hah*.

In my case, it's usually a skateboard through various fictional universes, some of which become more coherent than the rest...

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