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UK transport is a funny animal.
Has anyone ever needed to get from York to Manchester Airport on Boxing Day (26 December)?

Trains don't run that day or the day before.

And I have an 8:20 AM flight on the 26th. Out of Manchester.

(I've written to a few private hire places to get quotes, but seriously, they all seem to charge over a hundred pounds. I'm trying not to panic. James is already really upset about this, but I can't cancel this trip. Does anyone have any sound advice - or a car to volunteer? I'd pay you. Not a hundred pounds, but certainly substantially...)

ETA: Sorted, thanks to a very kind bloke indeed!

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I assume there are no local bus services either? Seems like there's got to be something, at least since they don't close the airport on Boxing Day, and the people who work there have to get back and forth somehow . . .

All the bus services are shut down Boxing Day, too, apparently. Public transit well and truly shuts down in Yorkshire on Christmas Day and the day after!

Shit, that sucks. Public transport is very spotty on Boxing Day and non-existent on Christmas Day as a rule... Maybe you could send an email round CMS and see if anyone who has a car will be around at Christmas and willing to make the trip on Boxing Day for a bit of cash... Might be tricky since I assume you'd need to be there at 6am, but enough people are strapped for cash around Christmas it might work.

Your friend (and mine, although I think I've seen him briefly maybe twice at your place since the day you guys picked me up at the station in '05?) newsbot3 has kindly volunteered to help me out in this. I will make it worth his while, because that's just extraordinary. Seriously, the private-hire services are all in the range of 150-250 for this gig, it turns out. I'm paying 700 pounds for airfare and hotel accommodation, so the prospect of paying a third (or more) of what the rest of the trip is costing me would be thoroughly ridiculous. It had crossed my mind to maybe ask Linne, seeing as she's driven me and another student to Manchester before for library access, but the thought kind of makes me cringe; I know her sons are likely to be in town at the holidays, and that would be rubbish for her to have to do. But anyway, things will be fine. At least I'm thinking about this a little over a month in advance instead of, I don't know, the day before. Or, rather, I found out a month before that it would be a problem :-p It was a co-worker at Browns yesterday who said, oh, gosh - you're flying on Boxing Day? How the hell are you planning on getting to the airport? And I was like...shit.

I saw - James is a remarkably kind person and will put himself out a lot for people!
I'm glad your co-worker happened to mention that!!

I'll be blogging MLA so you can get a feel for what it's like, for sure.

I know nothing about this mind you but would be be a million pounds to rent a room someplace close to the airport so you might have a taxi or a shuttle to get you there? Sorry I can't be of more help. :(

Yeah, it's the taxis and shuttles who are charging everywhere between 157 pounds and 250 pounds for the job. Given what I'm shelling out over the next few months to pay off the air travel? That's not cool. But see below: newsbot3 has got a heart of gold, and I am really going to make it worth his while if I can help it. Thank goodness I'm at least making a little extra money from teaching this term :)

I must admit, I don't particularly fancy driving at 4am on boxing day, however I also can't let this situation rest when I can fix it, so stop stressing and consider it sorted :)

This would be the second time you've saved my arse when I needed some kind of transport with luggage. What's your fee, sir? I'll pay it <3

hmm hmm, let's see, it's gonna use about 20 quid in fuel, so say, 40 quid, something like that ?

(yeah, i like the symmetry of it - better car this time though :p)

Forty is absolutely fine!

Would you want to come round to our place for dinner or tea or somesuch so you can learn in advance where we are? Not that far from Rachel's old flat, is the answer - we're a couple of streets before hers. The only annoying bit is, you can't turn directly onto our street from Blossom due to the pavement and some bollards; you have to reach it from Bishopthorpe Rd. instead.

Yeah, sure. I have no idea when I'll have free time though, since I don't exactly know when I'm moving (sometime between now and December, ish), and then first week in Dec I'm in Spain for a bit, but I think from 12th of Dec or so I should be free of things.

Does your university have a travel service? At St. Andrews, the student travel service would reserve a car for you at a discount (not sure exactly how much it was, but I think maybe 20 quid one-way to Edinburgh airport, which was a good hour's drive). Maybe York has something like that?

Is this for your trip to San Francisco? Maybe one of your advisers would be willing to help, since it's for an important academic event.

Yep, it's for San Francisco :-P And newsbot3 is a really rare and kind individual. I actually feel I still owe him from a past favor (conducted in conjunction with rachel2205 just over three years ago).

And no, York U doesn't have that kind of thing. It's 83 miles from here to Manchester; the train trip alone is usually about an hour and a half or so. This is substantial.

(Deleted comment)
I've just seen it's for an academic event, and you are from my partner's old department.

If you can get a trip down on Christmas Day, I'll cover your hotel.

It's sorted now, thanks to the ever-so-lovely newsbot3! But that's kind of you, and it's cool to learn I'm in your partner's old department. Yeah, this is for the MLA conference. Rather a last-minute decision, but I don't want to find out I have an interview or two and then have to shell out a nightmare amount for airfare at the last minute. And I've never been to San Francisco before, so this will be a cool trip.

Have fun.

My partner is Edward James (Britain in the First Millenium). He used to be in the Centre of Medieval Studies. Not sure if any of the faculty are old enough to remember him tho;.

Oooh, I read his book, it was great :D! And then I tested it out on my non-university educated father, who ALSO thought it was a great read. Comprehensibility to my father is my benchmark for a good introductory text. Please tell your partner that he wins, the book is awesome!

Have done! and how lovely.

I'd meant to tell him so myself when he was in Sydney earlier this year, but I ended up the wrong end of the table at dinner :).

weeble.... the world is getting smaller. He is back in Sydney for a lecture in November. Shall I get the details?

I don't know if they'd have a similar thing in York, but when I lived in Hull there was a sort of aiport taxi system that would take people to Manchester airport - it was about 20 quid and you'd share the taxi with a few people.

Or get a Travelodge in Manchester a few days early? Not an ideal way to spend christmas, though.

Hope you find something!

I got a quote from one of those, and the best is a hundred pounds. Not as extortionate as 250, I suppose, but still pretty damn expensive.

Yeah, I find that well annoying too. There is a limited time I can spend with most of my family members. An ideal would be for me to go down on the 24th and return on the 26th, but this is impossible. I would fulfil my obligations whilst minimising fallout, and possibly even enjoying the time I have there by doing the fun stuff. *sympathy*

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