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Updates both academic and social:
* I have bitten the bullet and made my MLA trip booking. I'll be in San Francisco from 26-30 December!

* Booze and curry has become booze and Chinese, and it is no longer happening at our flat. We are now at sororkama's flat, as it had slipped my mind that our D&D campaign is starting tonight. Oops!

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Hello! Your blog was recommended to me by highlyeccentric. Hope you don't mind the friending! =)

Oh man, I am laughing so hard that you're coming to California and SF and the weather will be exactly the same as England. Only with added fog.

There are some fantastic museums and places you should visit while there if you get the chance.

I'm definitely looking forward to it :)

DX a D&D campaign?! what is the setting and rules and story details! *envious*

We're a party of three rogues (of various races) and a cleric that's devoted to the death-goddess. Not a goody-two-shoes set-up *wry grin* I think our alignments are all entirely neutral! Not much plot yet; we just started.

I do try to stick to the good alignment, but it's not my fault I'm a Tiefling so my demonic side keeps popping out. Plus when you keep being the prize in someones card game, you get a little jaded. Now where did I put that Hellish Rebuke?

Being Eladrin, I think I'm just pretty much indifferent to everything. Except the high court politics I'm out to shoot down.

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