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[Election Day '08] FIX IT, YOU MORONS!

I swear on my life: I hope these problems are limited. Don't stand for it, folks. Complain until they make it right, and I don't care who they are, as long as it's rectified. I'm glad that there seem to be a lot of watchdog measures in play.

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Dammit! They've had four years!! Just use paper ballots and hand counts!!!

Thank goodness mine was cast on paper. But seriously, I do not get this!

I also can't believe that people are queuing up to two hours. It's a good sign for voter turnout but not a good mark regarding organisation. There are a lot of people who don't have the luxury of waiting around that long - especially people with small kids or disabilities or whatever. I hope things like this don't make them give up and go home!!

If anything does go seriously awry, I'm pretty sure there'll be a bigger and more serious outcry than in the Gore/Bush election...!

And that outcry was, let's face it, pretty serious.

You know, it boggles me that ATM machines are used every day and rarely break down but the voting machines NEVER EVER WORK PROPERLY.

And that line about Democrats getting text messages telling them to vote on Wednesday pissed me off so much....

I know. On both counts.

Just another reason to vote early, if it's allowed, IMO.

From the sound of things, thousands of people did.

(I still don't understand how these problems are so epidemic right from the off. We're not a third-world country; we don't lack resources. We should be able to fix this system.)

I'm glad I was one of them.

It would seem as though the technology to make this work smoothly would be there, but if it isn't, I'm all for going back to paper ballots, something completely non-automated... might take longer to count, but might be more accurate.


For accuracy's sake, I wouldn't care if we had to wait longer for results.

I don't get why Americans need to complicate things.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and mark and X or Check in the box of the candidate you choose. Why is there a need for stupid electronic machines? I was in and out of my polling station in less than 5 minutes during the last Canadian election. The one before that it was 15mins max (the last election there weren't very many people voting) and I voted during peak voting time.

Believe me, neither do I - and I'm American!

I think we should definitely go back to paper ballots across the board.

*unleashes primal scream over STILL MORE ineptitude*

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I remember those. As for me, the only thing I've had too much of today is red wine and Orange/Pomegranate J20...

Speaking of faulty voting machines, have you ever seen the documentary "Hacking Democracy"? I caught it on HBO last night, and it's pretty harrowing stuff.

No, but that sounds like something I would be interested in watching! And thoroughly disgusted by.

More like, bone-chilling terror. I did not previously know why it was called that, but it hurt my bones to hear this nonsense.


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