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[Election Day '08] And so, I drag myself out of bed, and the circus begins.
First item of business: whoever pointed me in the direction of FiveThirtyEight.com gets my sanity-saver award. Those guys are bloody amazing; I know where I'll he hanging out all day!

Second item of business: I don't teach today, and I don't have to work at Browns, either. Therefore, the plan is to park it on the couch with Pearl, keep the tea coming, work on my lesson plan for Thursday, write a couple reviews that I owe Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies, and watch some clips of Hot Fuzz on YouTube.

My rebel with a clue tag first emerged late in the summer of 2004.

I don't think I have to tell you why.

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I was wondering about that tag. Makes sense.

I just found out about FiveThirtyEight in tonight's political science class. It's an amazing site!


It's my answer to the standard "rebel without a cause" label. Not only do we have a cause, but also a clue. More than one clue, even.

(Let's do this thing.)

I'm glad you mentioned that site as well - I'll be peeking in off and on all day, too. :)

And yay Hot Fuzz! :)

They'll keep me company *sniff*

I found out about it a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, I think I forgot to link it on LJ -- such a fantasmic site! D:

I'm watching them all the way <3

I found out about FiveThirtyEight through R.E.M's site a while ago - it's good, isn't it!

*camps out, bites nails, ponders sleeping*

I'm on the couch, stone-cold sober.

Unfortunatly I have a meeting where I have to convince people I still deserve unemployment benefit tomorrow so staying up much longer may not be a fantastically good idea...although the meeting is at 3pm.

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