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This is all kinds of amazing:
US TV airs unprecedented Obama ad

There's your October Surprise, ladies and gentlemen. I'm telling you, if I'm ever crazy enough to run for public office, I can only hope that my team will be so innovative. I wonder if we'll see more campaigns run like this in the future!

ETA: For all that this man's prone to hyperbole, I have to agree. And we thought the last election was going to be "it." How wrong we were. Granted, 2004 was, if anything, crushing. I'll never forget that night, and not for any good reasons. It's my gauge for what hell-on-earth feels like. Now, I know there are other more literal cases for this - such as being smack in the middle of war or a natural disaster - but seeing as I've neither, everything remains relative.

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Yeah, I just heard about this on the radio this morning, and reading McCain's quote at the bottom of the article reminds me of a conversation I had with my buddy Jay at work. He's lived roughly two of my lifetimes so far, so I'm inclined to put some stock in his words. He's said that whenever there's been a Republican in office, he's struggled and when a Democrat's been in office, he's done fair to well. Which does tie in to the interview, I swear! x3

So, of course is foreign policy isn't going to be as aggressive as McCain's. Obama wants to clean up house here which is exactly what needs to be done. With all of the ex-soldier Dems that are sitting in Congress right now, they're not going to let him forget about bin Laden and Al-Qauda. Not by a long shot. So with a Dem-Dem set up, we've got all the bases covered. We need to fix ourselves first. If we're screwed up, how the hell can we fix anybody else?

Agreed. And I do wonder how McCain and Palin think that merely adopting the slogan "Country First" will make people believe that they're actually more committed to the home-front than Obama is...! It blows my mind. They must think that the majority of people are beyond stupid.

(Don't answer that question: there of course are people like that, but I don't actually believe it's the majority. I think that a sizeable number of the majority are deluded, whether by ignorance of the situation or fanatical religious belief or what-have-you, but that's not quite the same thing as being stupid. If you haven't yet experienced the thing that'll make you open your eyes; well, it's still out there somewhere.)

Hee...alright. I won't answer that question. We already know that they think we're beyond stupid. All you have to do is listen to how they address the public at large. Given how people just eat it up too, it's not like they're not partially justified in thinking that way either. Which is just a damn shame. *sigh*

Still, though: I'm feeling very optimistic. I hope that's a good sign. Even in the lead-up to '04, I felt nothing but dread.

I still need to watch it, obviously, but everything I've heard has been just glowing. Apparently it is just sheer brilliance. I would have to assume it's up on his website by now...

I still need to watch it, too - I'm stuck on campus in a computer lab at the moment doing my teaching prep, and I won't get home till my seminar is over (after 5).

I watched it, and was extremely impressed. And the fact that there was no mention of McCain made it all the more powerful. The election's coming so soon. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep or not the night before.

Ooh, gosh. I know what I'll be looking up later when I get home from teaching-related slogging around on campus!

(Sleep? I have no plans to do so. Good thing I don't have to work at Browns on the 5th!)

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Oh THAT'S what that was.

I wonder what Grandpa is going to do in response ....

Frankly, he hasn't got much time to retaliate on the same scale!

Hardly unprecedented. Perot did something similar.

Obama just upped the production values.

It's always good to see the innovative improved and expanded upon :)

There as a piece in the Guardian...yesterday? (possibly today, my brain is a sieve) which said that whatever happens, it won't be as bad as we fear, because we'll forget how terrible we feel in a week, just like we did in 2004. Um, no.


I almost wish I had forgotten. Would've been better for my nerves, that's for sure - but for my conscience? Definitely not.

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