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This might be worth doing for posterity.
Apparently my sister Jenna tagged me and a couple of our other siblings to complete a meme over on her Blogspot account the other day. Now, I don't usually go in for memes, but what interests me about this one is that two of my other siblings did, in fact, complete it (Alyce's answers are here; Brad's answers are there). If I complete it, then that means four of the five of us will have weighed in. As the bizarre cyber-record of my family writes itself, I can't help but feel little things like this - although kind of stupid, let's be fair - show how far from (or near to) the tree we fell.

8 TV shows I love to watch

2. Due South (Seasons 1 & 2 ONLY)
3. Veronica Mars (I have no idea why, either.)
4. Heroes (See notes to #2.)
5. Salute Your Shorts (YOU KNOW YOU MISS IT, BITCHES!)
6. The Adventures of Pete & Pete (Ditto.)
7. The X-Files (I catch rerun marathons when I'm Stateside.)
8. Slings & Arrows (The other best show on Earth!)

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. I ate two kinds of homemade curry: pumpkin/tomato and chicken/butternut squash.
2. I went to Leeds to meet James off of work, seeing as dinner was at our friend's place there.
3. I started reading Ralph Hanna's London Literature. Which I should have read months ago.
4. I drank half a bottle of Australian Riesling. It was dry, yet fruity. Nice.
5. I spent too much time stalking fellow writers on Facebook.
6. I spent too much time stalking fellow writers on LJ.
7. I looked at a bunch of Chagall lithographs for sale online.
8. James made me go to bed at midnight. What a killjoy, right?

8 Favorite places to eat

1. The Lime House
2. Mason's Bistro
3. Il Paradiso del Cibo (a.k.a. Paolo's)
4. Legal Seafoods
5. The Old Siam
6. Lee Garden
7. Red Chilli
8. Saffron Desi

8 Things I am looking forward to

1. The next three months evaporating into nothingness...
2. ...so that I can totally booze it up at our house Christmas party.
3. Election Day...
4. ...when Obama is going to completely kick ass.
5. Getting these bloody job applications sent off to Yale and Sweet Briar...
6. ...and finding out whether or not I get interviews...
7. ...so that I know whether I'll be going to stay with tristesse...
8. ...IN SAN FRANCISCO, BABY! It's theoretical at this point, but I'm psyched.

8 Things on my wishlist

1. For my Ph.D. thesis to finish writing itself.
2. For my viva (thesis defense) to be a breeze.
3. For azureflight to realize she's an even bigger wanker than I am.
4. A full bottle of Château d'Yquem 2001.
5. Wait, did I say a bottle? I meant a case.
6. For Yale to realize that I'm totally awesome because of my geekery of which they do not know the full extent.
7. Free dry-cleaning. It's expensive, and I have a lot of dry-clean only clothes.
8. A lithograph from one of Chagall's numbered and signed editions. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

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I still haven't met him. How are you, by the way?

(switching back and forth between F-book and LJ conversations)

Glad to hear the winter has subsided! It's far too early for that sort of thing. We can has all four seasons?

p.s. - Andrew is in the midst of the fretful grad school search, and I believe York is currently his number one choice! Here's hoping he gets in.

Which program specifically is he applying for?

The English MA, I think? I know he (currently) only wants to go for an MA rather than a PhD*, and I assume he'll be continuing his medieval research.

*Which is why he's favoring UK schools rather than American, since most American English programs only offer PhD.

(Deleted comment)
The guy who played Ugg lives in PA?

(Deleted comment)
I had your pictures framed yesterday. You owe me £45 :-P

(Deleted comment)
No, of course not, silly. I had the portrait and the Roland illustration framed, that's all :)

(Deleted comment)
It was a portrait of me that you'd done from a photograph, pencil and watercolor. You wrote a letter on the back of it, rolled it, tied it, and it was what you put in my coat pocket before leaving me standing there in Starbucks on that day it was bucketing down rain at Central. I left for England a few days later.

You watch The X-Files? Awesome! I geek out to that show like no other. I love it so much. (Except for season's 8 and 9, which sucked big time. And they killed off Krycek! Bah!)

When I catch it. Otherwise, I can't be arsed to buy the DVDs.

Rome! *swoon* I finally broke down and got it on DVD last month. That show kicks ass! >:D And pumpkin-tomato curry sounds delish!

It's a shame they never did more than two seasons!

Salute Your Shorts and The Adventures of Pete & Pete...gawd I DO miss those shows! xD

Yale WILL recognize your amazingly awesome geekery and the genius that is you, and you will rock it out in San Francisco, and yeah. I'm jealous of your homemade curries. >_>

Pete & Pete most of all, I think. I have it all on DVD - or as much of it as is available at present, anyway.

I don't think I had any idea you were a fan of Rome, kudos!

Yeah. I lurk around the comms and read Brutus/Cassius and occasionally Vorenus/Pullo ;)

7. Free dry-cleaning. It's expensive, and I have a lot of dry-clean only clothes.

I second this. I hate it when my coatséjackets end up costing 3 times their original price only because of dry clean ;____;
On the other hand, the one jacket that never saw the dry cleaners has the scars to prove it.

...and I'm looking forward to your elections too, since my country kinda decided that things were great as they were and, shit, if they were going to vote for someone it was going to be the guy who hates women and the arts.

...btw, Palin officially frightens me. Like, I had assumed people were kind of exaggerating, but I sat down and watched her. O_O my lord.

also, I`d like to watch Rome. I said I would, back when it started out, but never got around to it.

Sadly, Palin REALLY IS as scary as people are making her out to be. I can't even imagine what would happen if McCain died in office and left it all to her. We would be screwed.

I see you like Heroes. I know this is totally random, but dude. Charlie's power, I want it like no other.

Charlie's power is, quite possibly, the coolest one EVER.

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