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I find it kind of ironic...
Tea in blue
...that I'm now working on not only one, but two applications for academic jobs in the States. I've gone around saying that the UK is my first priority for so long, yet I've run across these US listings that actually look pretty appealing.

It's an odd feeling, putting in applications a year (or more) ahead of the start-date!

ETA: And the fun part is, if I happen to land an interview for one or both of them? It'll mean a last-minute scramble to fly myself to the MLA Convention in San Francisco this December, as both posts will interview there.

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I missed this news -- Yale? Wow. You totally belong there.

And if you do come for MLA, let me know and we'll have lunch or something.

I'm now throwing in an application to Sweet Briar College in Virginia, too, which is also hiring a medievalist at the moment, which will also interview at MLA - so one way or the other, if I get an interview from one or the other (or both), then sure, I'd gladly have lunch with you! :) I wish I could just say, screw it, I'm coming to the convention whether I get an interview or not, but I can really only do it if I have a concrete reason.

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Apparently there's no real reason to go if you don't have interviews- most people I know who've been there say the conference part of it is pretty weird and it just has an odd atmosphere due to everyone's anxieties about jobs!

Yeah, I've heard that, too. I know fewer people who are religious MLA attendees than people who are religious Kalamazoo attendees.

It's some good opportunities, so I can understand you wanting to apply. Good luck, girl!

Thank you! They might be scared off by the fact that I submit literally right before the jobs begin and before I'd officially have my viva, but we'll see...

MLA is in San Francisco this year? I guess I don't really have an excuse not to go.

Apparently it is! At least I know people there.

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Nothing except the annoyingly expensive postage to send the suckers via AirSure :-p

Well damn, you'll be right in my neighborhood just when I'll be on the opposite side of the continent (for family holidays).

Only if I get an interview or interviews. But that's dead ironic :)

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I certainly will! I'm not sure where I'd be coming up with the airfare money, but if it becomes necessary, I'm sure it'll come from somewhere.

We will have to meet up if you scramble yourself into San Francisco.

That we will. I'll keep you posted on whether I'm coming or not.

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