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I'm so restless today I could crawl out of my skin. That means I'll be up writing till 3 AM.
(And I spent the morning writing, too, although it's nothing publishable and just for the joy of it. What's pathetic is, I get more satisfaction out of writing for my friends than I do writing for money. Maybe that's just because I haven't made much money in the past couple years off my original work - although, I have to say, I've made more than I would've expected to make off it. Petty cash, pocket money, etc. I want desperately for it to be my livelihood, but I've recently owned up to the fact that I'd be far more upset if I wasn't doing it for people. I'm too young to be the madwoman on the couch with so many empty teacups and bowls with biscuit crumbs in slowly populating the Turkish carpet, but...)

Congratulations to my brother and his blushing bride-to-be! It's about time he found somebody who's as big a computer-nerd as he is. I hope they'll be disgustingly happy together, because as cold and scary as I seem, I'm a huge sap at heart. A word to Kim: if Brad doesn't do all the cooking, then there's something wrong with the equation. Take heed.

What a strange act! Victorian corsets, fairy lights, a child's tea-set, and more glittery make-up than you can shake a microphone at. I must say, it's remarkable how well the back-ups stayed in character. For those of you unfamiliar with Autumn's m.o. (I was until last night), they perform under the guise of being some unfortunate young ladies locked up in an asylum for various deranged reasons. Go to one of Autumn's concerts and expect 1) to be pelted with tea, water, sugar cubes, and biscuit crumbs, 2) your eardrums to be blown out, but in a good way, and 3) lots of hot girl-on-girl musical pantomime. Not a single one of them had intact make-up by the end of it, and I'm in awe of the fact that none of them lost their voices, as harsh as some of those songs are. As far as how Autumn's recorded sound compares to her live sound, I like some of the songs better live and some of them better recorded. "Shalott" and "Swallow" were as lovely as I hoped they'd be, and the unexpected pleasures of the evening were "Liar" and "God Help Me" (neither of which I'm quite as fond of in their recorded forms). She did two covers: Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and The Smiths' "Asleep."

The verdict? Bizarre, but positively brilliant.

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Congratulations to them both! She is pretty!

That gig (if it can be called that) sounds intriguing... Who doesn't like girls in corsets?

Get some of her songs and have a listen. I'd send you some files, but I bought them all off iTunes and, therefore, can't share them if you're not on my network :-P

Emilie covered The Smiths? EPIC. SERIOUSLY EPIC.*

Aw, Swallow. Definitely my favorite non-instrumental song (because in my opinion the instrumental stuff is another ball park entirely).

Why does she never tour in the States? I feel a single magic tear comingon.

*And thus, the brilliance Emilie Autumn caused her to break her no-excessive-capslock-for-a-week resolution in only one comment. What a tradgedy.

Yes. It was amazing, and quite unexpected!

(She never tours in the States? Really?)

What's pathetic is, I get more satisfaction out of writing for my friends than I do writing for money.

Maybe also because you have interaction with your friends instead of something published in a paper or on a web magazine? I find the reason for blogging satisfying because I actually get a response from people. I wouldn't do it if I didn't.

Oh and congrats to your brother, yay :D

I've never seen Emilie Autumn, but I think she's played here. Maybe I'll go next time, it does sound interesting!

If I ever do make it bigger than I have (which is not huge at all, but I try to tell myself what credits I do have are worth a lot - and here's where I prove how delusional I am, I'm sure), I'll probably be one of those writers who'll desperately want to respond to as much fan-mail as possible. It drives me crazy if I miss somebody's comment, let alone their letter or email. I don't want anybody to feel as if they've sent a message off into the void, even if it's as simple as a comment saying, "Hey - I liked that!"

It's worth the strangeness of the experience alone, let me tell you. Those corsets were really something.

Cold and scary? I always thought you seem like an incredibly kind-hearted, sympathetic person. Whose LJ have I been reading?! :D

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing when I read that line! XD

See response below - there's some history here, and I'm rubbish at self-deprecation :-P

Hee! Well, I do have a history of intimidating people when they very first meet me. I'm...well, a lot better than I used to be, but I don't open up in person until I've gotten to know somebody for at least a little while, and I think that it used to make me come off as distant and somewhat cold. I don't know. I'm probably clinging to a very outdated version of myself, but it's hard to unlearn impressions that you hear from other people that make you feel a bit down on yourself or that you need to be more self-deprecating. I don't know.

You said a mouthful there. :/ Unfortunately, it's way too easy to believe the bad things about yourself and ignore the good. However, I think you are sweet and soft as good cheesecake. ♥ and cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts so I am totally complementing you >_>

And I find that hilarious, because cheesecake is officially my least favorite dessert in the world ;) It's the wrong combination of sweet and rich. I can take two bites max, sometimes only one. But thank you *hugs*

I'm an odd one when it comes to sweets; my favorites list is limited. I like Belgian milk chocolate with nothing in it, a few types of Ben & Jerry's and Häagen Dazs (mint chip or anything resembling cookies'n'cream), crême brûlée (no citrus or other fruit flavors added in, please, unless it's as simple as a fresh berry for garnish), and homemade tiramisu.

(Because, let's face it: I'd rather spend after-dinner-time drinking some manner of nice wine, port, or other fine alcoholic substance.)

Edited at 2008-10-04 08:53 am (UTC)

Huh. Because the impression you've always given me here has been very positive :) I'll never forget how you guys got me an autographed copy of Anansi Boys, and that was an incredibly nice and awesome thing to do <3

Of course, I can't know what you're like IRL, but I know I myself can seem a little stand-offish face-to-face when I don't know a person, whereas on the interenet I'm immediatly friendly. Obviously because being an introvert doesn't manifest quite as easily when you're online.

I'm so glad you liked the book! I guess maybe there's a difference between being generous and being nice? Because I know I can be generous, but I don't think I'm always nice in the most common sense of the term. I think you've hit the nail on the head with stand-offish: I got that accusation in junior high and high school all the time. I actually managed to work up the nerve to ask certain people why they never talked to me, what when I made so many hapless efforts at talking to them once I'd gotten an idea from a distance of who they were, and they'd say, well, you're stand-offish, or, well, you give off this impression of thinking you're above everybody else. And I'd stand there blinking back tears, because how was I supposed to explain that I wanted so desperately to have the kind of courage and easy grace they all had around each other? It took me two months of the school year just to muster enough courage to try.

I'm not sure what you mean by nice, exactly, but like I said, you've always struck me as a kind person. That's more than enough for me <3

Doing something for the pleasure of it is always more rewarding than doing it for money. Mayhap you just haven't hit your stride yet? The stars are not properly aligned for your Debut? x3 If you keep writing the way you write now, and even if you don't improve (which I seriously doubt you'll avoid doing), you will make it one day. I have no doubt of that.

GUH! I want to see her in concert so badly! I'm glad you enjoyed the show though! I miss concerts...I haven't been to one in years. *weeps* And just for the record darling: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" belongs to Miss Cindy Lauper, not Madonna. Madonna's cool, but she ain't that cool. ^_~

*smacks forehead* I'm one of those idiots who'll say Madonna when I mean Cyndi Lauper, just like my brain thinks it's all right to occasionally say Beowulf when I mean Grendel. I have no idea why this happens, and it pisses me off. Things that I put in close association end up switching themselves 'round :-P

Totally forgiven hon! ♥ It's a lot like putting the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator.

My best one was answering the phone when I meant to pull something out of the microwave.

I'd been curious about her, having heard a few of her songs, but had no idea she had a whole act that she toured with.

Yeah, she has five other girls that tour with her to play these various roles and sing back-up on some of the pieces. It's surreal.

It sounds like you've been having a lot of fun lately. I'm so happy for you. :D Be sure not to burn yourself out.

I will be sure to check out Autumn's music. I'm intrigued.

Btw, did you ever receive the package I sent you?

Check out Enchant and Opheliac (albums) first.

I only just recently was given the package notification, as it went to my old address instead of my present one! Now I'm in the process of trying to get it off of Parcelforce. I rescheduled a new delivery for two weeks ago, but they never showed up with it. I'm going to call them again on Monday, but I fear they might have lost track of it :(

I think it is more of a difficult thing than at first imagineable to make a living out of something you actually love to do. I always thought it would be the most wonderful thing to do, to do what I love for work, although I never actually got around to doing it. Although I'm not always too unhappy that I never did, after seeing the frustration my husband goes through (at times) with his love of sculpting and painting turned daily-job (well, daily only when work is plentiful, at least). It can be quite rewarding, but I can also understand that at the same time it can be quite frustrating as well, trying to create something for money rather than for the pleasure of it. But still, I'd say it's better to do what you love for a living, even if it does get tiring at times, rather than suffer through some daily job, for the rest of your life, that you despise.
Hrmm, and through all this rambling of mine, I hope I'm making sense, as sleepy and ready to crash into bed as I am *heh*.

I love academia enough to be doing this Ph.D. so I can have a stable day-job, but God, I just want to be writing already - by which I mean more than I do at present *sigh*

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