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This year's photographic offerings from Kalamazoo:

Left to right: me, lifegivingsword, elrice79, and Alicia.

Left to right: first three same, then Charlotte.

Left to right: erstwhiletexan and me.

Left to right: completely hammered.

Terry Jones giving his Richard II lecture.

Left to right: erstwhiletexan, me, angevin2.

elrice79 and lifegivingsword. Who needs sobriety, anyway?

ETA: This post has somehow ended up linked at Unlocked Wordhoard. Hello, total strangers! Nice to meet you.

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(Deleted comment)
I ended up a lot more tired this time around than last year.

...whoa, that's weird! I haven't even gotten around to posting my Terry Jones pics yet. I should probably do that, or people are going to be looking at little more than the semi-drunken antics of me and mine ;)

So I'm guessing that we met at some point at Kalamazoo (hence your friending me) but I'm trying to recall the context. (Can I use the pathetic excuse that I was suffering from food poisoning for most of the event and thus was mentally impaired?)

We might have, although the reason I've friended you is that your post was linked at Unlocked Wordhoard alongside mine and a lot of others, and I thought, aha! Another nifty and amiable-looking medievalist on LJ! If it weirds you out to be friended by a total stranger, however, by all means just say so.

(My husband was suffering from a stomach bug for half the conference. There really seems to have been some kind of digestive ick in the...air? water? who knows.)

Ah -- given how bad I am with names and faces, my first assumption is always that the answer to, "Have we met?" is something along the lines of, "Yes, I was the person you chatted with for two hours and then invited along for dinner." It's always a relief to find out that my memory isn't as bad as I fear.

If it weirds you out to be friended by a total stranger, however, by all means just say so.

Oh goodness no -- I've rather gotten used to it at this point. I'm just always curious about the path of connection. And I hope it doesn't weird you out that my initial reaction to being friended by a nifty and amiable-looking medievalist included a strong dose of, "Oh drat, she has a husband!" (One can always dream.)

Nope, doesn't weird me out at all - because if I were single at this point, finding a nifty, amiable-looking, and taken medievalist of either gender would have inspired the same sense in me ;) Actually, there are days that I'm kind of shocked to realize I've been fortunate enough in all my relationships, past and present, to have been with individuals who share at least half of my interests. It's just that James shares more than half. Third time's a charm?

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