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This is the bit that didn't make it into the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

adrienneaudace (18:21:50): I would say stupid/punchy things about your paper topic to make you laugh, but I'm not near enough to the process to get properly snarky.
WarriorPoet235 (18:23:05): well, once this is done i'm emailing you a copy of it. so you can be as snarkificarious as you wish while i'm polishing it next week
adrienneaudace (18:24:20): It's just that Cynewulf and Cyneheard were asking for it.
WarriorPoet235 (18:24:54): they were. stupid whiny saxons.
adrienneaudace (18:25:56): Quarrelsome.
WarriorPoet235 (18:27:15): you should've heard Guy Halsal's humourous commentary on the whole story. good stuff.
adrienneaudace (18:27:56): See, this is where you write a crossover fic and have Grendel come bounding in to eat them all. That solves your problem in one gulp.
WarriorPoet235 (18:28:26): go for it :-)
adrienneaudace (18:28:49): Dude, Marillion and John Gardner beat me to it.
WarriorPoet235 (18:29:08): point
adrienneaudace (18:29:10): Well, they took Grendel's POV, anyway. They didn't have him eat Cynewulf, alas.
WarriorPoet235 (18:30:42): much the pity
adrienneaudace (18:31:10): I bet he's bony and not very tasty.
WarriorPoet235 (18:32:09): them thegns have no meat on em... s'why the vikings hosed 'em
adrienneaudace (18:33:00): Vikings vs. ninjas vs. Grendel. Who would win?
WarriorPoet235 (18:33:32): is this Grendel pre or post-loss of a hand?
adrienneaudace (18:34:08): Pre, of course. And it was his whole damned arm, so I can sort of have sympathy.
WarriorPoet235 (18:34:28): oh, well then it's settled. ninjas definitely
adrienneaudace (18:34:59): I don't know, man. Vikings are tough. Have you seen some of those bone injury finds at Jorvik? I have no idea how people survived those, but they did.
WarriorPoet235 (18:35:58): perhaps. but ninjas have throwing stars and smoke bombs.
adrienneaudace (18:36:50): Oh yeah? Vikings have Thor's hammer.
WarriorPoet235 (18:37:52): dammit, i'm not familiar enough with Shinto to find a comeback.

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.... I know there is a 13th Warrior joke to fit in here somewhere....

HAH. Oh, man. That was just what I needed this morning. :D

Glad the randomness served, then.


You mentioned Marillion!

I'm fascinated with the song.

Heh. I really need to visit the Viking Museum one of these days. So many cool things. And one of my former supervisors doing one of the voices!

Ahem. Yes. Grendel would so win. :)

Well, Vikings are sort of like pirates so we're back to the whole ninjas vs pirates thing again. I say they breed and have super ninja-pirate babies. Love not war man!

I really wouldn't want to eat Cynewulf. Too tough and stringy.

Wait, are we talking large groups of Vikings or ninjas? Not that Grendel seems to have let groups slow him down in the past, admittedly.

No, he's pretty indiscriminate like that.

(Did you apparently somehow send this from the bus on your way home from work, or what? *confused*)

No: these days I'm stuck at work until nearly 5:30 so I can get my official hours in. Stupid fucking time-punch.

Speaking as a ninja... it's not about size or strength, it's about positioning and strategy. My money is on the ninjas.

*glances at your icon*

You mean like Grendel feeds off of yours? ;)

LOL! Do I need to revisit my Mongols vs. Vikings poll? The Mongols won last October, but throw ninjas into the mix...

Mongols. I had not considered that prospect.

You mean like Grendel feeds off of yours? ;)

LOL! Yes, Grendel the Honorary Ninja. Which doesn't quite fit to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer - thank goodness.

But it could be made to fit...

You know, if it wasn't 20% of my grade, I would so try to make my final paper in my Beowulf course all about how Grendel would beat up ninjas if given the opportunity and cite you two as scholarly sources.

...I'm sure Dr. Foys would find some humor in it before he fails me.

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