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Hey, mossygreen and kanahay:
You know that very slender bottle of apricot mead with the fairy on the label that I pretty much demolished all by my loneseome at your last party (or, rather, the last one I attended)? Do you remember where you got that? It was amazing, and I'm trying to locate it online. So far, no luck. I can't even remember the name of it. I just know it was apricot mead and it rocked my socks, or would have if I had been wearing them.

ETA: You know how the first thing Noah did after the ark hit dry land was basically set up vineyards and become a naked, lie-about-the-tent drunkard in retirement? That sounds like fun. My ambition in life is to brew crazy-flavored mead. Plum is very high on my list, and so is Asian pear. Pomegranate...

ETA2: This is the first time in four days that I have not had a drink. I swear.

ETA3: mead_lovers. Because you just know it existed somewhere.

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Heh, thanks. I have much love for Derek Jacobi... ;)

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