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*surveys wrapping job on four gifts*
Martha Stewart I'm not, but it does not matter when one has BAYEUX TAPESTRY WRAPPING PAPER OMG.

(I found it at Clifford's Tower today. I heart English Heritage!)

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Are you serious?? That's SO COOL!!!

Dead serious :) Gift-wrap with little gift-tags and everything.

Hee, that's cool. :) Will your giftees appreciate it, do you think? Maybe you should just keep it for yourself. ;)

Oh, they will get a kick out of it, I think. Maybe not proper dorky appreciation, but they'll laugh because it's me being quirky, and I will have made them smile.

Oh my god seriously? OK, I may have to go to Clifford's Tower tomorrow, then. :D

Yeah, truth! It's on sale for one pound ninety-nine!

That sounds beautiful. I found some cool art deco-inspired wrapping paper yesterday at a stationary store, but it was really expensive, alas.

This BT stuff was on sale for one pound ninety-nine. Dork-o-rific, and cheap!

Dork-o-rific, and cheap! Sounds like an excellent combo, then! :)

Poor Harold is getting chased all over my family's and friends' presents.

I'm sure I should be either relieved or disturbed that so many people think it's an amazing find, too ;)

You should be relieved. The more of us there are in the world, the better the world will be!

What a find! Even a Christmas card made out of Bayeux Tapestry wrapping paper with some writing on the reverse side would look better than most of the cards on display these days. =P

No need: the little cards are made of cardstock and printed, with little linen strings!

Awww. :dies of the medieval-geek cute:

For the marauding Norman in each and every one of us ::infomercial smile::

So cool!!!! *is jealous*

Also, I remember visiting Clifford's Tower. I think it was about 5 and a half years ago -- very interesting place.

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