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My Readercon 2015 Schedule:
Friday, July 11

11:00 AM G Drift-Compatibile Fictional Characters. Amal El-Mohtar, Victoria Janssen, Nicole Kornher-Stace (leader), A. J. Odasso, Navah Wolfe. The film Pacific Rim created the idea of two people who are "drift-compatible," able to live inside each other's minds and memories without sustaining massive psychic damage. Let's use this as a metaphor to explore our favorite speculative fiction duos—whether they're friends, traveling companions, siblings, or spouses—and talk about what makes those deeply intimate pairings work.

5:30 PM EM Reading: A. J. Odasso. A. J. reads selections of poetry from her newest poetry collection ("The Dishonesty of Dreams," Flipped Eye Publishing, August 2014), as well as some brand-new work.

6:00 PM E Autographs. LJ Cohen, A. J. Odasso.

Saturday, July 12

9:00 AM EM Strange Horizons. Gillian Daniels, A. J. Odasso, Sonya Taaffe. Group reading of Strange Horizons affiliates.

10:00 AM CL Kaffeeklatsch. Jeff Hecht, A. J. Odasso.

1:00 PM F Making SF/F Careers Viable. Sandra Kasturi, Matt Kressel, Bart Leib, A. J. Odasso, Alex Shvartsman (leader). Writing, editing anthologies or magazines, running small presses, creating artwork... these pursuits demand a great deal of investment, and returns are unreliable. Few people can spend weeks writing a story on spec, wait months for a contract and longer for a check, or absorb financial losses for years while trying to make a business profitable. Let's talk frankly about how low pay rates on all fronts affect the demographics of professional SF/F, and what we can do to make SF/F careers more accessible to people with limited tangible and intangible resources.

Sunday, July 13

12:00 PM ENL Fandom and Rebellion. Gemma Files, Catt Kingsgrave, Kate Nepveu (leader), A. J. Odasso, Ann Tonsor Zeddies. ifeelbetterer on Tumblr writes, "No one is more critical of art than fandom. No one is more capable of investigating the nuances of expression than fandom—because it's a vast multitude pooling resources and ideas. Fandom is about correcting the flaws and vices of the original. It's about protest and rebellion, essentially.... Fandom is not worshipping at the alter of canon. Fandom is re-building it because they can do better." Our panel of creators and fans will dig into the notion of when, why, how, and whether fan works and remixes are "better" than the original, especially when they come from a place of protest and challenge.

More poetry errata:
Demon King
* My new poem, "Bone-House," is now live in Liminality, Issue 4.

* I have sold my latest poems ("Red Wire," "Monsters," and "Slipknot") to an as-yet-untitled anthology that's being edited by David Pring-Mill.

Patreon update & poems to look out for:
* I'm at $388/month on Patreon, and my goal by August is to reach $500/month. As promised, I have been posting poem drafts as they become available; these are viewable by Patrons only. I will no longer be posting locked poem drafts to this journal. If you would like access to these drafts, please do consider pledging $1/month.

* I've sold a poem called "Augur Effect" to Spelling the Hours. This means a great deal to me, as the poem deals not only with some courageous women scientists who didn't receive their due, but also with some trauma I'm finally able to discuss without shattering. This is a huge step.

* I'll have a poem called "Transition Metal" coming out in My Dear Watson: Elemental Poetry, a Periodic Table anthology of verse coming out later this year from Beautiful Dragons Press. You may remember their Heavenly Bodies anthology; they produce beautiful books!

* The next issue of Liminality is almost upon us. I have a piece called "Bone-House" that will be appearing in it, which also pleases me very much.

* The Dishonesty of Dreams has been nominated for an Elgin Award in the Collection category. I also had two poems up for Rhyslings (one of which was co-authored with domparisien), so my thanks to anyone who may have voted for these!

Poetry sale!
I'm pleased to say a brand-new poem, "Bone-House," will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Liminality. I have previously had a poem in this publication, and I have been enjoying its contents so far immensely. Drop by and read both issues to date.

In other news, we are close to reaching a decision on the new SH poetry co-editors. Please watch this space.

Triptych poem in Barking Sycamores | Neurodivergent Lit:
All thorns & no grace
Plague Year

(Spring 2015, Issue #4, shiny. Be sure to check it out!)

Two brand-new poems published, plus one reprint:
"Orbital," a new sci-fi love poem, has gone live today in the first issue of a miraculously resurrected Farrago's Wainscot.

"Fragment" and "Ivy," the former new and the latter a reprint, have also gone live today in the latest issue of the elusive Battersea Review.


Rhysling nominations are open, and my eligible works are here.

My Rhysling-Eligible Poems for 2015:
"Queen of Cups," inkscrawl, Issue 7.

"The Archer's Daughter," Heavenly Bodies, Beautiful Dragons Press.

"The Memory-Thief" (co-authored w/Dom Parisien), Ideomancer 13:2.

"Equinox" and "Before Reading," How Am I Doing for Time?, Sept 2014.

"The Word for Love," Liminality #1.

"Vow," Not One of Us, Issue 52.


If anyone would like text for the ones that appeared offline in print anthologies, let me know.

Instructions on how to make nominations are here.

Calls for submissions?
I'm on the lookout for new places to submit work. I'm more or less aware of the current, habitual reading periods of the publications that appear on my sidebar and in the publication credits on my profile page, but if you happen to know of a venue or venues currently open to poetry submissions that are a) off the beaten track, or b) brand new, let me know. I'm aiming for another year of poetry sales as successful as 2012, and I'd also like to diversify where I'm sending!

Update on current Dec '14 / Jan '15 reading period at Strange Horizons: I've responded to every submission that's come in between December 1st and today, except for the 17 or so poems that are sitting in the MAYBE pile for consideration at the end of the month (along with everything else that comes in between now and then). It's been a beautifully challenging reading period in that I've seen slightly fewer poems than I've seen on average in past reading periods, but I've wanted to accept more of what I see than ever before (and obviously can't; the number I can take remains static). Keep sending wonders.

Getting back in the game, slowly but surely:
Candle & Swan
After the acceptance of "Your last word on earth" at Star*Line a few days ago, I'm pleased to have heard just this afternoon that "Plague Year" has been accepted for publication at Barking Sycamores. I'm not sure whether to call these the first two acceptances of the New Year considering that one of them technically happened in December, but I feel as if they're both 2015-ish things, so we'll go with that.

2014 Publications Round-Up
Unlike 2012 and 2013, which were years of unprecedented activity on all writing-and-editing-related fronts, 2014 has been something of a wash (although not without cause: from May through early December, it I had nothing but medical appointment after medical appointment and, ultimately, two long-overdue surgical procedures).

Sales-wise, these are what I have to show for 2014:


"Queen of Cups," inkscrawl, Issue 7.

"The Archer's Daughter," Heavenly Bodies anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press.

"The Memory-Thief" (co-authored with Dominik Parisien), Ideomancer 13:2.

"Equinox" and "Before Reading," Poems Prose & Pints anthology, September 2014.

"The Word for Love," Liminality #1.

"Vow," Not One of Us, Issue 52.

"Fragment" and "Ivy" (reprint), The Battersea Review (forthcoming)

"Skin & Paper" (reprint) and "The Still Point of the Turning World" (reprint), XIII, Resurrection House Press (forthcoming)

"Your last word on earth," Star*Line (forthcoming)


"The Words, the Walls, and the Weaver's Son," Between the Shores anthology (forthcoming)

My editorial work at Strange Horizons is ongoing, of course, and it is a pursuit in which I take immense pride. I put more time and heart into editing this year than I put into writing new poetry, so I hope that these efforts make up for any lack elsewhere. I also had three poems in this year's Rhysling Anthology, which pleases me a great deal.

ETA: I somehow forgot that my second collection came out in August.


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