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Two poetry sales, three poems involved:
"Equinox" and "Before Reading" will be appearing in the upcoming Poems, Prose, & Pints anthology put together by Tim Ellis.  Any of you who are UK-based should check out this wonderful monthly open mic in Harrogate; I used to attend regularly, and I miss it!

"Vow," one of two poems I've written in the last few weeks, will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Not One of Us.  I've had a relative dry spell this year as far as the writing of new verse pieces, but that tide's finally turning.  The others will take more shopping around.

Strange Horizons Acceptances: June / July Reading Period
"Brass," by Erik Amundsen

"The Mermaid of Lincoln Park Lagoon," by Valya Dudycz Lupescu

"Rust," by Kythryne Aisling

"Incendiaries," by Jane Crowley

"Raw Honey," by Sara Norja

"Warriors," by Angela Chuma

"Cloud Wall," by Arkady Martine

"Scythia," by Marinelle Ringer

"Letters to S. From Poet-Build Beta-3," by A.E. Ash

New poetry has gone live:
"The Memory-Thief," a poem I have co-written with Dominik Parisien (domparisien), is now online at Ideomancer. We wrote it last year after meeting at Readercon, and we are pleased that it found a home.

My Readercon 2014 Schedule:
Under the cut for details!Collapse )

Poetry news in bits and pieces:
"Skin & Paper" and "The Still Point of the Turning World" will be reprinted in the XIII anthology from Resurrection House in early 2015, and "Equinox" and "Before Reading" will be published later this year in an anthology edited by Tim Ellis containing work by past and present participants of the Poetry, Prose, and Pints open mic (Harrogate, UK).

Just got a publication time-frame on my second collection!
The Dishonesty of Dreams, which will be my second volume of poetry from Flipped Eye Publishing, is due out in August! I don't have the precise date, but to have the month settled is marvelous. It's been four years since Lost Books appeared, and I'd like to thank all of you who have bought it, loved it, and given it breath

I also have a few short stories that will be appearing in anthologies this year; more on those when I have the details. I don't post here as often as I used to, and I feel that I fail as a blogger. Still, I'm amazed that anyone hangs around to read when I do natter, so thanks for that, too!

New poetry guidelines at Strange Horizons:
A link to said new guidelines, along with our reasoning from the revamping process. Please do check them out, and also submit!

I've been meaning to post about this anthology!
A few months ago, Beautiful Dragons Press invited a number of poets to participate in the Heavenly Bodies anthology project. Our task as poets was to claim a constellation and to write about it; as you know, I've had plenty of voluntary experience writing about constellations, so I was thrilled to be asked onboard. You'll immediately ask if I claimed Orion, some of you, but by the time I got to the spreadsheet, that was already taken, so it was easy enough to claim Sagittarius, my zodiac sign (and denizen of another existing poem of mine besides).

My poem in this anthology is entitled "The Archer's Daughter" (which some of you may have seen in draft form), and I got my contributor's copies just a couple of weeks ago. It's an entirely lovely book, and you can order a copy by contacting the editor directly on beautifuldragons [at] icloud [dot] com (as the Press's website is under construction).

That was unusually quick!
Anne Bonney
"Queen of Cups" is already live in the new issue of inkscrawl!

Other amazing poets in this issue: Sandi Leibowitz, Erik Amundsen, Jonel Abellanosa, Brittany Warman, Mari Ness, Sonya Taaffe, L. Chapman, Vajra Chandrasekera, Marcia Arrieta, Lynette Mejía, Kendall Evans, Ross Balcom, Alexandra Seidel, and Noel Sloboda.

Second poetry sale of 2014:
Bring it on
I've sold "Queen of Cups" to inkscrawl.

(Another favorite publication ♥)