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Say it's over / say I'm dreaming / say I'm better than you left me
So, you may remember the broken teacup episode from a few days ago. That very day, I wrote to the gallery shop in York where I bought that beautiful pair seven years ago. The gallery owners kindly wrote back to tell me that they remembered the potter's name, but that, as they understood it, he had retired from making pieces and that they had not heard anything from him in years. They had no contact information for him. I thanked them and hit the internet with the potter's name, determined to track him down. Somehow, after a bunch of dead-end links, I did. I found a RedBubble photography profile, and from there I used the geographical information to find him on Facebook. I explained what had happened to one of our beautiful mugs after so many years of faithful service and that I would like to buy another pair from him if any were left. He responded saying he'd check storage, he thought he still had some mugs floating around, and get back to me with photos.

Just moments ago, the following message and photographs turned up in Gmail:

Hi, attached are a couple of mug shots. What I forgot to say before is that you can have the mugs for free, just pay the postage! The mugs have been on a shelf for about 10 years so I don't think we will miss them, just glad they will be going to a good home. Where do you live?

To say that I am overcome would be an understatement.

Six perfect beauties, identical: an eternity of teacups.

(For once, just once, the cup's gathered back together.)


That is the happiest possible news.

I am still somewhat in disbelief. I am grateful beyond words.

What a lovely thing. :)

Love, C.

I have never loved teacups more than I have loved these.

An ending no more perfect than the beauty of those cups deserve. Hooray! (And excellent tenacity in sleuthing).

Believe me: if there is something I want, I will go to great lengths to get it.

On this day that has seen such violence, fear and pain in France, the potter's mail and your story put a smile on my face. These are beautiful mugs. Thank you.

*fierce hugs* Glad to have offered some respite. I know :(

I'm still a bit disbelieving <3

Sometimes ... just sometimes, it all comes out right.

Sometimes it does. Not often enough, but sometimes <3

sweetness. a lovely and good thing.

Yes. And I hope I'll run into you at Arisia!

As an appreciator of tea and teacups, I knew you'd find this neat :)

How wonderful -- and everyone wins. You get beautiful mugs, the mugs get used, the potter gets the pleasure of knowing his work is cherished, and we all get an uplifting story.

Long after he's given it up, I love this man's work still.

(Deleted comment)
It's the best omen I've had in months.

Even though he's no longer at it, this potter is a rare talent IMHO.

Wow, your silver streak of tears turned into a cloud of wonderful mugs! (that and your persistence - paid off in a big way :D :D :D)

Now if you have a guest who admires their tea cup, you can say, "Oh here, take it! I have lots!" *g*

Now I half hope somebody will ask me for one ;)

mug shots


I'm so glad you're getting your beloved tea cups. *hugs*

I thought "mug shots" was pretty cute myself! Normally, puns make me cringe, but in this context, it was right.

That's lovely, I'd been thinking about the mug. :)

They came back to me. I am ecstatic.

As rare as they are, they happen. I do my best to go on believing in them!

How wonderful. This and the mugs are beautiful, and I am so very happy for you.

Objects have always meant a lot to me, maybe more than they ought. I was actually in tears over this <3

Wow, that's awesome to hear!! Good job on following up with the potter.

My track record of hunting down long-lost people is actually quite good ;)

This is the BEST POSSIBLE THING, and yes, all caps, because a perfect teacup is a special delight. Utter happiness for you!

Clearly he made eight of them back in the day, and two ended up in the gallery shop in York (from which I purchased said two). He may have made more for all I know, pairs dispersed to shops all over England. Or maybe there were only eight. I have no way of knowing. I will imagine that the whole batch has only ever been mine ;)

How wonderful! :-) Beautiful mugs, and a beautiful experience to go along with them. Sometimes things do turn out well...

It's when experiences defy belief that I feel the greatest hope.

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What a serendipitous thing! Brilliant. :)

For me, this moves beyond mere serendipity <3

Oh my goodness how lovely! It is so nice to read about good things like this. *hugs* see you at Arisia at some point?

YES. We shall be in touch and hang out and it will be well <3

This just made me smile, yay for unexpected kindness and awesomeness of strangers.

Only the man who made my favorite teacups in all the world would have six left on a shelf from way back when he made the batch whence my original pair came.

That is brilliant news. Lovely cups too.

I cannot describe their beauty (in my eyes) to you, but I hope I've made my best attempt!

Woah! That's reallt amazing. Both excellent luck, and very sweet of them.

Yes, all of those things for sure <3


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