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Living is slow business.
Ear situation: the infection itself seems to be mostly gone, but there's still the problem of my (lack of) hearing. I'm going back to the clinic for a third time on Tuesday, and I'm desperately hoping the final approval on my MassHealth will come through by then, as that's what's prevented the nurse practitioner (who's doing the best she can with a bad situation) from referring me straight to an ENT. I miss the NHS so much it's unbearable. I'd have been referred to a specialist by now. I should have been seeing one from the very beginning.

The full-time post at the museum, after three weeks of deliberation on their part, went to somebody else. Which is just as well, given I'm still waiting to hear from the antiquarian-book guys (the latter is a better job). Still, it's one more thing to make me feel more than a little crushed. Three weeks of juggling a mutant ear bug with lots of waiting piled on top...

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