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If only pulling a Van Gogh would solve my problem!
It seems that the three ear infections I endured almost exactly a year ago, all in quick succession, were not sufficient. Something happened on either my flights out to Vegas or the subsequent drive across the border into Utah; in any case, the result is that I returned to Massachusetts on Monday with what seemed to be a burst eardrum in full, infected swing. The antibiotics my father gave me made no difference, so I ended up in a medical clinic yesterday morning, and one look in my left ear showed them that the canal was completely swollen shut (hence my almost complete loss of hearing). They couldn't even see my eardrum, so they inserted a wick, sent me away with a second type of antibiotics and ear drops, and told me to come back Tuesday, at which point they'll remove the wick hopefully be able to make a more accurate diagnosis. In the meantime, the wick and infection combined are driving me mad. I can't sleep for the throbbing.

In other, happier news, you should purchase these most excellent anthologies from rose_lemberg, as I have poems in them, along with tithenai, sovay, cafenowhere, samhenderson, alankria, alexa_seidel, domparisien, snakey, and many other formidably talented writers:

P.S. Almost forgot, the following, Mandragora, recently released by Scarlet Imprint, contains two poems from me, plus numerous other poems and essays to dazzle the senses, and is undoubtedly one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOLUMES YOU WILL EVER OWN:

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