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We fly for London tonight...
...and will be in town until 27 March. So if any of you would like to meet/catch up, let me know here, and I'll see what I can do.

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Talk about a bitter-sweet trip, but hopefully it'll mean a better start. *hugs*

*hugs* Bittersweet so far, yes, but I'm also very glad to be here!

Have a safe trip dear!

The jet-lag is gone, at least, so I'm feeling much better for just being here :)

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Much appreciated, my dear *hugs*

*hugs you tight* Ugh I now know what a bother moving is, I'm sure it's even more tryingnwhen doing it cross continents :( I wish I could be there to help.

A friend's kindly storing some stuff for us; she came up last night to cart off the first load. Her car window got smashed in overnight :( At least nothing got stolen, though.

I'm in London most of week 12, but I probably don't have time to meet as I've had to shorten my time there and squish my plans together. Damn ;_;

Still, if you decide you have time, even half an hour, please name a date/place/time, and I'll make it there! *hugs*

Have a safe trip. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Well, the friend who's kindly storing some stuff for us had her car window smashed in last night when she stayed over for purposes of taking the first load of our stuff :-/ Not fantastic, but at least nothing was stolen from either of us.

May this be a turning point towards the better for you both.

*hugs* Sending you good energy for the coming month!

It feels like we've been here a month already - I'm not sure how it's only 8 March!

Safe trip and here's hoping all is sorted!

Sorting is proving...complicated, but not unviable.

I'm sorrier than I can say for all your trials and hope the return trip to the U.S. heralds a turnaround in your fortunes.

I also hope you have a far happier experience of America to dilute some of the bitter. May you have a safe and hassle-free trip both ways, and a swift return.

A hug and some hot Earl Grey...

The Earl Grey is much appreciated! In fact, on returning to the flat, which we are in the process of packing up, I found a nearly full tin of Lavender Earl Grey from Tea Palace that's been waiting here for me.

Hoping for the best for you guys. *hugs*

*hugs* I'll keep you posted.

I'd like to see you sometime if you have the, erm, time.

Our chances of traveling outside of London are very slim - where are you based at the moment?

Have a safe trip and good luck! <3

It was lovely to meet you, finally!

I'm in London much of that time (though in Korea until the weekend). Would be good to meet up - that way I personally apologise for what the idiot UKBA is doing to you.

I'd love to catch up! Suggest a date and time/place that works for you, and I can very likely make it :)

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*hugs* I hope that the meetings with your lawyer are helpful.

Well, I'd call the first one very informative and productive, so I'm tentatively optimistic :)

All my thoughts and good wishes!

Safe journey!

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So far, so good! No major mishaps, unless you count the friend of ours who is storing stuff for us - she stayed over last night in a motel not too far from here, and her car window got smashed in :( Nothing stolen, though.

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Wishing you all the best on this trip. Moving is difficult at the best of times and this sounds especially tough, but I hope this trip proves to be just a bump on the road to a better future.

I hope you have a safe trip. :)

So far, so good :) I'm happier than I've been in a while just for the fact that I'm here, but there's still so much sadness in the air.

Good luck!

I'll be in London all Month and with a fairly open schedule.

Our schedule up till we leave (on the 27th) is pretty open, too, so suggest a date/time/place that's good for you, and we'll work from there :)

Praying you have a safe journey and that things turn around soon for you. I can't even imagine how difficult this will be. I truly hope you get an opportunity to spend lots of time with those you love while you are over there to help ease some of the pain. Stay strong.

Trying my best *hugs* At least the weather here is spring-like, too!

I'm in London 1 or 2 days a week (I'm working at King's College London now), so would like to meet up if possible. What is your routine and when are you likely to have time free? Would daytime or evenings be better for you-all?

Daytime and evenings are equally viable, at this point! Suggest a date and time that's good for you, and we'll work from there :)

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