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They're here!

That is SO awesome!!! :D

It's so shiny. Like, you think, wow, that's a cool cover image, it's really going to work, and then you see it in action, and, yeah, it really does work <3


(Ha ha, you got the shirt!)

Damn straight I did. Seemed a good day to wear it ;)

Three copies out of 25 already getting stuck in the post. I'm going to have to be verrrry careful with these; the temptation to just GIVE them away is so very strong, but I've got to actually try and sell some, too...

Awesome cover. You must be so proud !
Congratulations !

I'm very pleased, yes *hugs*

congratulations! that looks very lovely indeed.

The photos seem to have a slight blur to them, which even sharpening couldn't fix completely. I'm pleased with it!

beautiful! congratulations!

YAY! They're absolutely gorgeous, congrats!!

Are they available from Amazon yet? They were supposed to notify me...

They'll be available via Amazon as of 1 April :)

Now I'll have some to sell at my last lit fest event next week, hurrah!

Congratulations! That's a beautiful cover.

Also, I received your card -- thank you! *hugs*

Oh, I'm glad the postcard arrived safely!

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Will be officially order-able on 1 April :)

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Ooooh, that's got to be the greatest feeling in the world.
They look great :)

It's only been a year and a month from acceptance of the manuscript to publication. That's pretty unheard-of timing, so yes, I'm thrilled :)

That is so fantastic! ♥

I need to figure out if I have enough money to get that book, because oh gosh, I'd love to have your poetry in actual book format.

If you wanted to buy one of the copies I have now, I'm sure I can get it to you for cheaper shipping than Amazon or Waterstones would. For UK/Europe, I'm asking six pounds for the book, plus two pounds to cover postage and packing. If you'd like a copy, just let me know/PayPal me :)

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Wow! Congratulations - that is so cool. Are you still in the 'I will love it and pet it and call it George' stage? :D :D

No, I'd say I'm more in the secure in the knowledge it's on my bookshelf stage :)

Your copy went out in the post today!

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The cover is pretty much my favorite thing about it :)

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See the post after this one :)

Ah! Congraumalations! They look wonderful!

Yours went out in the post today :)

Congratulations! EUR 6,99 here in Deutschland, but currently only available for pre-order. Not shipping until 15. April.


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