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I seem to have acquired a cactus!

This is Piers. So far, he's a pain in the butt. His packaging fell apart
as I was holding him in the store. I got several fingers full of spikes.

This is me. I think I've probably seen better days.

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Thanks! I'm running web searches and trying to figure out what kind of cactus he is. The little tag in his pot didn't say, and there are so many kinds of cactus out there on the web. I haven't found a picture that's a dead-ringer yet...

I wonder if it blooms.

I'm useless with plants, anyway, I can't even keep cacti alive.

I was wondering that, too!

There's a guy out there who's a huge cactus head. He identified a mysterious succulent for calloocallay a year or so ago. I bet if you asked her she could point you in his direction.

Piers pierced your fingers? :)

You look lovely! Your eyes are very pretty, and the glasses look good.

Indeed he did, the little bastard.

I'm very fond of my glasses :) Little flowers along the sides.

How insulting. I don't know the first thing about cactus, so I hope you find information on how to care for them. Maybe if he's properly treated he won't be so vindictive.

Well, the homewares store in which I bought him was rather chilly, and he had no exposure to natural sunlight, which cacti really do need. And the soil in the pot was bone dry, which means he'd probably not been watered in over a month. Cacti do need watering at least a couple times a month, if not a few.

Both you and your cactus are quite painfully adorable!

I thought the cactus was quite unusual! I hadn't seen a potted one quite so...complex in quite some time. It was the only cactus in the plant section of Wilkinson's.

I like it!

My mum used to keep cactus all over our sunroom. That IS a rather unusually whorly one for one so small and potted!

Hmm, I don't think that's quite right. I'll send the picture on to mum and see if she knows...

Please let me know what she says! I really do want to know what type of cactus it is :)

Ooh! Echinopsis hybrid looks like a winner :)

*glees over pics*

*And over PIERS, bwahaha*

Piers is very hydra-like. So many heads!

Yu're lovely. You have an air of delightful mischief about you.

I can never manage to look serious or dignified when I'm smiling :)

I can never manage to look dignified. Full stop. Also, I never learn to edit for typos before posting.

That's quite all right :)

(Deleted comment)
I admit I've heard as much before, re: the elfin bit!

You look far too happy for someone who's just been attacked by a rogue package-destroying cactus.

I also concur with everyone else: adorable, both you and the cactus.

Granted, the attack happened some hours before the photo was taken ;)

(Deleted comment)
Plants, I can manage without messing up.

An excellent name for a cactus. :D

James laughed entirely too long at that.

Good photos of you both!

If Piers is being a pain in the butt then you probably shouldn't be sitting on him :-)

I empathize with the feeling (most recent photos of me are just horrible) but you are adorable.

I think only recently I've begun to lose the look of death warmed over.

(Deleted comment)
The dark circles under my eyes are gone. That's a start.

Aww. <3
And Piers IS quite complex for a potted cactus! Enjoy him! :D

He looks very nice on the coffee table.

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