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Safe, sound, and very tired.
The holiday flat we're being put up in is a bit outside the city, but fortunately, we've got a car. Tomorrow commences James's show and much poking around in the city. Monday night is the poetry reading I'm part of, and Tuesday night, we have tickets to see a steam-punk production of Hamlet. Eeeee! I'm finally on holiday.

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...steampunk Hamlet?! My god. That may be the best thing evar.

I fervently hope it will be!

Damn, steampunk Hamlet sounds so exciting! I hope it's a fabulous show, do report on it. :) Also, yay holiday - you deserve it!

I'll give a review, as per usual!

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Absolutely! It's my practice to report fully upon all Hamlet productions viewed. So much so that they have their own tag on this journal (i can has denmark).

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I don't think we can take them during the performance.

Ooh--Hamlet sounds like fun!

Good luck to both you and James!

I saw Macbeth (with Patrick Stewart) in London:

It was a Soviet Rendition. The witches were nurses. The gods/demons they summon were corpses whose faces were never revealed, and during the demon-summoning scene the witches rapped to the pace of the heartbeat monitor. When the demons were summoned they twitched up and screamed their lines, while still beneath a hospital blanket.

Easily the best thing I've ever seen on stage.

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