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This is annoying.
I haven't heard anything from either Sweet Briar or Yale regarding my applications (except that they were received, but that was weeks ago). As I understand it, there were some people that got interview-request calls from Sweet Briar on Friday, although I don't know them personally. The question at this point is whether Sweet Briar is still making calls this week, and when Yale will start making calls (apparently they're notorious eleventh-hour notifiers).

It's hard to believe I'm leaving for San Francisco in a little over a week. Once again, does anybody else who's making the trek to MLA want to meet up while we're there? Or anybody there, period?

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Wah! I'm sorry! *hug* Yale is being a huge slacker.

I don't know anything about what the expected timescale for MLA notifications is, but I can most definitely sympathize about the frustration of not hearing. There are a bunch of AHA-interviewing schools that haven't yet issued calls for interviews either. But I know that at least one MLA-interviewing place called people today, so there's still hope!

Are you going to MLA, then? How many interviews have you got? I know that most people put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 applications, but I've only put out the two. I'm hoping for at least one interview, and even then mostly for the experience of it.

No, I'm AHA only, but the postdoc I'm interviewing for is interdisciplinary, so they're interviewing at both. I've got four interviews (3 tenure-track and 1 postdoc) out of 15 applications or so, but this is my third time on the job market.

I wish I could give helpful hints on a system or any way to predict how things are going to be, but it's honestly just weird. *hug* Good luck! Hang in there...

I'm AHA only

I confess that I have no idea what that means. Is AHA another convention at which interviews are held?

Oops! Sorry! Yes. It's the American Historical Association. Which, conveniently for me this year, is in New York :)

D'oh, all right. I really need to brush up on my academic-org acronyms!

to be fair, i worked in the administration office at a law college, and it did actually take weeks to process and consider applications.

(if i could have that job back, i'd even try to be diurnal again.)

Yeah, I can imagine. I'm thinking Yale probably got more applications than many of the rest combined...

Oh, that is a huge pain. I remember during my doctoral admissions gauntlet, when Indiana Bloomington and Penn either forgot to send me rejection letters or they got lost in the mail, and I had to telephone them to find out what on earth was going on. Their response -- 'Oh, yeah. You were rejected. Bye!' Definitely on a list of most humiliating phonecalls ever.

I have postponed my job search till next year, so I will not be at MLA, but best of luck!

To be fair, this is a sort of trial-run for next year, but the mere fact that I decided to actually go through with it also makes it serious. I'm trying my best to feel like it doesn't matter, as I'm finishing the Ph.D. in earnest in September next year, but it'll be something of a blow to my pride if I don't manage to get an interview. I'd like to think I at least look good on paper!

I wanted to do a trial-run, but I can't afford to get to San Francisco! ;) At least next year, it's a short train ride for me to get to Philadelphia. I just can't get over how abysmally timed MLA always is.

Whereas I still have family and friends in PA, so that'll work out for me pretty well next year :) See you there, hopefully.

I ended up postponing the job search (probably an excellent idea, especially since the job for which I was best suited is at a university where Bernard Madoff was a board member) and will not be at the MLA this year.

Good luck!

Thanks. I still have the feeling it'll start in earnest for me next year, too, but I'm just too stubborn to stop hoping I'll get an interview this year. I'd really like to see what it's like so I'm well prepared for next year!

Fingers crossed that you hear favorable news soon, for one or both.

I don't know how much free time you'll have in SF, but I have to suggest Tommy Toy's as a restaurant option. European-style Chinese food...awesome.

Oh, thanks! Any other places I should go? I'm planning on eating my way through the place.

For more Asian fusion, E&O Trading Co is awesome. Are you staying in the city, or further out?

Some less pricey, fun and casual places:

The Stinkin' Rose (all-garlic restaurant near the red light and North Beach)
Farmer Brown (soul food place near Market St. that has cool blaxploitation movies projected on the wall and great cocktails)
Butterfly SF (along the Embarcadero)

I'll be there! I'm flying in on the 26th and leaving on the 31st.

MLA interview notifications apparently happen up to Christmas Eve (I've heard tales of people getting phone calls while on the way to MLA). And not everybody actually bothers to send out rejection letters.

Have fun in SF and all the best with everything. I highly recommend Swan Oyster Depot so if you get a chance and like seafood, go there and eat up!

Ooh, thanks for the rec!

What days will you be down there? I'll be there 12/30 through 1/4 visiting trolleypup.

If you're of a sushi mindset, come with us to Ebisu. :)

Oh, I'm always of a sushi mindset! I arrive late-afternoon-ish tomorrow. My US mobile number is 724-388-3180. Please do ring me to touch base so we can make plans!

If the weather is fine, we'll be off on a trailwork trip from Friday 1/2 onwards. Sushi place is closed on NY day. So, we could do 12/30 or New Year's Eve sushi.

(Um, we'll most likely be there anyways, whether or not anyone joins us!)

We should round up Ms. linaelyn while we're at it... She always needs sushi pushing. :D

I could do 12/30 for lunch - I have to leave for the airport that day around 5:00. As I said, my number's above. I'm in SF now at my hotel! Give me a ring :)

Ahh phooey. I'm actually not arriving until the evening of the 30th, landing in SFO around 6pm assuming no weather delays. (HA! Weather delays? Preposterous!)

Brunch or lunch or coffee on the 31st is quite possible for me. What part of town are you staying in? Downtown? If you're anywhere near the Embarcadero, I'm sure trolleypup would be happy to give us some streetcar rides, if you're into that sort of thing.

I'll add your cell to mine - texting's the best way to reach me.

31st I'm landing back in the UK - my flight out is on the evening of the 30th, hence why I have to leave for the airport around 5 that day :( This may not be possible, it looks like.

Oh, durr. I guess our visits aren't actually overlapping.

Although, it is noteworthy to mention that Ebisu has an airport location right in the food court at SFO, which is closest to International. What time does your flight leave? :)

What exactly is MLA? And I hope everything gets cleared up for you soon :(!

You seem to travel quite often, how do you manage to do that? (money wise, I mean? @_@) It sounds really fun, despite your current annoyed state. Enjoy your time in San Fran! :D

Modern Language Association Convention. It's a huge yearly meeting of academic lit-people, basically!

Well, the conference I attend every May in Kalamazoo - I have to budget that in. This one is totally unplanned. Without my mother's help, I wouldn't be going.

Let me know if you are going to have any down time while in San Francisco. It would be nice to see you.

I will be there from the 26-31, and I anticipate having ALL KINDS of down-time, given that there aren't really any sessions that are completely mandatory for me to attend. Are you actually living in SF, or somewhere nearby?

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