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Does anyone know what's going on with Proposition 8?
This story claims it might yet be narrowly defeated, but I've heard some people saying it definitely passed.

What's the deal?

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I really hope that's true -- all of my Californian friends are devastated that it might pass.

Here's hoping there's still a chance it won't!

From the BBC live text: "Leading US journalist Tina Brown says she would not be surprised if the Clintons are "enlisted" by the president-elect."

What do you think of that?

I've always liked the Clintons; therefore, I don't have any objections to the prospect of Barack Getting them involved in his administration in some way. If Hillary had gotten the nomination, she would've had my vote :)

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Me too *sigh* But I'll hold out for a last-minute miracle.

(I'll never get over the LDS Church throwing its influence around politically, where it had no right to. Ever. People should have the right to believe what they believe, but not to use said beliefs and substantial monetary influence to dictate the lives of others.)

HA! No, it's still sitting at 52% for to 48% against with 91% of precincts reporting. Those are the same percentages it's had since only 12% of the votes had been reported. Unless a hell of a lot of absentee voters vote no, it's going to pass.

I'm so upset it passed in FL and AZ, and I was really hoping it'd fail this time in CA. If it DOES pass, I'm trying to hold hope that it isn't going to pass with such a large margin, signifying a time of change in the status quo regarding this too.

It wasn't defeated in my state (Florida), which made me sad because I voted "No", but at least my state went blue for Obama. :)

And how weird a combination is that?! I suppose it shows how complicated the political makeup of Florida is - that gay marriage can be made illegal but a Democrat can win...

It's passing as far as I can tell. I just woke up earlier than I meant to and went straight to the computer to check.


That's pretty much what I did. Only around 4% of precincts aren't done reporting but that's that, given the numbers. I can't believe it passed.

The last I heard, I it was passing with 54% and 17% of the votes counted. Which pisses me off, but I"m hoping it might be defeated by the time I really wake up...?

According to OCRegister.com, it's at 95% precincts reporting, with still the same 52%-48% yes vote. HOWEVER, the actual numbers as reported put 'yes' ahead by a margin of only 400,000 votes. So... until all the votes are in, it's still possible it could flip. Incredibly unlikely, but... still possible.

Still some precincts left to count, but it's going to pass. Voters across the US have just said fuck you to queer folk and our civil rights and we can't lay all the blame for this one on Republicans when Democratic voters have turned out in record numbers.



Just as my faith in mankind had been restored.

I'm so embarassed to be a Californian right now. *facepalm* This is the second time a hateful bill of this sort passed and I hope for the second time the Supreme court will shoot it down because it's not constitutional.

I keep hoping that with the absentee ballots and the 5 percent of votes left to count that the 3 point spread will close and we'll shoot this damn bill down.

I am glad the abortion notification bill was shot down so far, and will keep my fingers crosses that it stays shot down.

The article you link to mentions numbers based on exit polls; the stories saying it passed are all based on actual vote counts. Unfortunately, as others suggested, it really appears it's going to pass, albeit with a narrow margin.

Well, there goes my dream wedding. For the time being, at least.

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