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This isn't even organized chaos. It's just chaos.
  • Our flatmate, Laura, got a call from home last night. Her grandmother had a severe stroke yesterday evening, and she had to catch the first flight out of Manchester that would get her to Chicago. None of us got any sleep.

  • I haven't done tomorrow's teaching prep. Oops?

  • Apologies for not replying to all the comments on the dream-theory post, but I'm just trying to get by at the moment. Thank you for your input, though! It's amazing.

  • - What the hell, Mohinder?

    - Peter's back on my suck-list.

    - GodPod!Nathan? NOT COOL.

    - I loved the braaains!scene between Sylar and Claire, God help me.

    - *knocks on Hiro's head* Have you spontaneously developed amnesia and FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE ENTIRETY OF LAST SEASON? Where's the bad-ass gravity and mental trauma? I feel cheated.

    - Ando clearly discovers that those fire-flowers from the Super Mario Brothers games are real gets injected somewhere along the line with Mohinder's discovery. Yay...?

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Peter should ALWAYS be on the suck list. And you will be intrigued to see how the Nathan stuff develops, methinks!

Give Laura my best if you speak to her!

I got a message from her this morning: her grandmother died maybe six or seven hours after she got there. I'm glad it was fairly swift and quiet.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad she managed to get there on time.

Yep, that's S3, alright.

It's not worth it.

At all.

Actually, the Nathan thing develops really interestingly, but I've always liked Nathan. Peter is on my suck list as well, and what on earth was Hiro thinking? That smacked of Deus ex machina to me. I'm only up to 3x04, and I'm still watching, but there is quite a bit of WTF going round.

And about this girl who runs really fast? Um.

Yeah...things with her get even stranger, I'm afraid. I think she's got the potential to be an interesting character, but so far she's just a weird digression.

- *knocks on Hiro's head* Have you spontaneously developed amnesia and FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE ENTIRETY OF LAST SEASON?

Replace 'Hiro' with 'writers' and you've about got it.

Yeah. You know what I mean *sigh*

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