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(You are very much not forgotten)

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My brother in law brews his own scottish ale. It's actually not all that hard, just requires space, time, equipment.

I bet mead wouldn't be much harder.

I've heard it's not actually that hard, yeah. I don't think the university would take kindly to me setting up a still in the empty space under my standard-issue wooden box spring, however.

Hee, oh! Thanks, you're an angel. It was so good.

(Deleted comment)
damn i have an image of a naked Noah dancing drunk on a beach. lol

I'm glad my mossy hooked you up with the mead info. drink up ;)

What's mead actually like? I don't think I've ever had any.


That sounds like the BEST THING EVER.


I concur!

...and love your icon.

Heh, thanks. I have much love for Derek Jacobi... ;)

I somehow knew you would be the mead-loving sort.

It's very sweet. I have a sweet tooth.

I remember reading that part of the Bible and wondering why that would be the first thing to do after 40 days of rain. Quite unfortuante for his son, I have to say. How was he to know that his father was sleeping in his birthday suit? >.

Well, the ground's all fertile, I guess :-P

Oooh, I think I'm going to order some of that for my husband for Christmas.

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