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First Rummy's a poet, now Bush.
Pakistani students told to ignore poem praising Bush that has turned up in textbook

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That's just wierd, and I could imagine it having been written by a 16 year old :P

Yeah. It's really kind of peculiar.

(Deleted comment)
Ahaha. Sorry, but I find that amusing. Along with Pakistan supporting the "war on terror", considering the talibanisation of the government that's occuring. Er, maybe I'm being too political... I barely know you. Hi. *waves*

I very frequently accuse myself of being too political, but then...if you have no opinion at all, I think that's the scarier option. Hello :) I know you via the flist proximity, and GO fandom, but aside from that, I know what you mean. I think my not-making-a-New-Year's-resolution-ever might have to change in favor of resolving to get to know certain people better.

wow... that's very... flabbergasting. *blink* i don't even know if it's amusing or outrageous. it's definitely bizarre, though. really bizarre.

it reminds me of that headline a few years ago--remember this? when some students at a prominent christian university had secretly set up the university's campus phonebook, which had one of those photomontage covers, so that the smaller photos making up the big face on the cover were actually (wholly or partially, i don't remember) from porn? the thing was printed up and distributed before they caught it then too.

Hahahahah! I hadn't heard about that!

yeah, probably about equally embarrassing in both cases. this one's definitely weirder though, since in that case they fairly easily tracked down a prankster who did it and his motivation was obvious...

*stares* I guess that's someone's idea of a joke! It's a crappy poem regardless of who it's supposed to be about, or maybe just a bad English translation.

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